• OmniScope Academy's Core Enrichment Program

    Our educational strategy for the Core Enrichment Program begins by reinforcing the basics and developing core skills to empower students for academic achievements and educational career.

    A variety of pedagogical methods such as lectures, interactive class discussions, and group activities is used by our instructors. Accordingly, students are asked to actively participate in and provide meaningful contributions to class discussions and activities. Class expectations and methods of instruction are communicated through course syllabus.

    Our Core Enrichment Program is offered year-round, in which this program breaks down into Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. OmniScope Academy's Core Enrichment Program is offered on Saturdays for Fall and Spring semesters; in summer, this program runs from Mondays through Thursdays, and we refer to it as Summer Intensive Program.

  • Saturday Enrichment Program

    2021 Spring Saturday Enrichment Program

    Date: Jan 16 - Jun 5, 2021 (Saturday only)

    Classes: Vocab+, Grammar and Critical Reading & Analysis

    Grades: Students in grades 3 to 12

  • Summer Program

    Summer Intensive Program

    Date: Date TBA! (Mon-Thurs)